Monday, July 2, 2012

Day Two

Today I am supposed to tell you all the meaning behind my blog name. Well I have to tell you first my name is Shannon. I got the nickname, Shananigans, in collage from a friend. I am not sure why, but aparenly I needed a nick name and we spent weeks trying to come up with one, when my friend suddleny said shananigans, that's your name. It stuck for a little while. When I moved to California the first person I met out here was named Shannon, so I decided to go by Shananigans so there was less confusion.  Some people now only know me by that name. I wanted my blog name to have my name in it and putting my, in front of it, gave it two meanings.
So Rawr!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day One

So for my first post for the challenge I am to post a recent photo of myself and 15 interesting facts about myself. I am not sure I will be-able to post 15 facts, but I will try.

1. I am a called mommy by a wonderful little girl.
2. I am engaged to an amazing man.
3. I am hoping to start school again next fall.
4. Grew up in Mobile, Alabama.
5. Was born in Mississippi.
6. Now live in Lancaster, California.
7. I am a horrible speller.
8. I curse to much, and can't control it.
9. I have anxiety and depression.
10. Whovian
11. Whedonist
12. Gamer
13. Internet junkie
14. Crafter
15. Costume lover

Here is the most resent photo I have of My daughter, fiance and myself.