Friday, January 25, 2013

Graphic Art

So lately I have been making vector graphic art images for friends and family. Also for my self as you can see here on my lovely blog. I thought I would share some of them with you.  These are from my DeviantArt, as I am also posting them there if you would like to follow me there also. I usually add banners or something with the persons name or initials on it, but for this and DA I have taken them out.

This is the zombie owl I made for this blog.

This is the same owl as a pirate that I did for a friend.

This is a turtle that I did for a friends baby that is on the way.

Thats all for now, I will post the rest later.
If you want one made for yo let me know, its free till I get brave enough to make and Esty site and charge.

Book Review: The Morganville Vampires. Vol 1

The Morganville Vampires, Volume 1
My rating:
The good points; It was a really easy fast read. I like when I can blow though a book in a few days, especially since this was two books in one. I liked the different view of vampires are evil and not romanticizing them. The bad points; It was a little predictable. The 16 year old gets beaten up by everyone, someone almost dies, and then they save the day. I know its fiction, but to have that much going on to one girl in such a short amount of time seemed to far fetched. Also the fact she is only 16 living in a 18 and older world was a little bizarre, why not just have her a super smart 18 year old. Then I would not get wired-ed out every time her and Shane (a 18 year old) make out. Also some of the stuff going on in her collage felt more to me like high school. Then there is the older girl (I will assume 18) picking on and beating up a 16 year old. Its just some of the stuff bothered me a little.
I am glad that I got the two books in one, and that the first chapter of the third book was in there also. The end of that chapter felt like an ending to me. I will probably not pick up the next few book sorry.
I do want to read the other stuff this author wrights about. I hear the Weather Warden stories are good.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Edger Allen Poe!

Edger Allen Poe's birthday was the 19 and I was to busy to post about it. (-_-)
I was reading some of his writings tho, as I am borrowing the Steampunk Poe book from the library.
He shares his birthday with my Mom too... Happy birthday to you too Mom! I already told you on the phone but I thought I would post it here too (^_^)

Book Review: Chicks Kick Butt

Chicks Kick Butt
My rating:
A few stories were good, and I now know a few new authors to pick up. The reason I only gave 2 stars is that most of the stories were spin offs of the authors other work. Unless you have read the other books, it takes a minute to figure out some of what they were talking about, or some things are just not explained at all. I would only suggest this book if you have read the other authors work.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Such a shame when I finally fall in love with a band, the singer leaves ..... They have a new one but I have yet to hear her. I know this will be their 3rd singer change. The first and second were apparently sisters.  

This is one of my favorite songs. This is with the last singer.

This is the original singer, also one of my favorites.

I really want to hear the new singer, but I can't find anything... with good quality. 

Make over!

My blog got a new make over, it's so pretty!

I made all the graphics my self.
I have been making a lot of graphics lately for my friends. Maybe I will post them here soon. If you want one made for you let me know, before I get better and start charging (^_^) 
On the side now I have links to my posts for Hauls, Recipes, Crafts and Books. I love all these things and will be posting more of them all soon. I should make another for graphics.... good idea.
Anyways, these are all the things I love the most and figure I should post more about them. 

Ok I am off to make a graphic for graphics .... wonder what I should make lol.