Thursday, December 20, 2012

I want snow!

No snow makes Abbey a sad girl. For a week there were chances that we would get snow. But it did not happen where I am. Even the little one is sad. She wanted to make a snow man.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Where have I been??

I know I have been away, and you had this face the last few weeks.
Sorry I have been gone. I had finals week, still hoping I did good, I know I got a 90 in my digital media class. Then this week was my dad wedding, my sister came into town, my little one was a flower girl, it was just busy busy. 

But I'm back! In this house we are on vacay till Feb 5. It will be a long, crazy, boring, fun, annoying, exciting vacation. I hope to keep the little bit and mister man entertained this whole time. I bought crafts, got ipad games, set up the wii. We are going Tuesday to toddler story time and picking up books to read. I will probably post photos and all kinds of stuff as these months unfold. I feel the time till Christmas will be fast, but after that will go by so slowly I will be ripping my hair out lol.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I need to get stuff done!

So I need to do lots today :/ Mostly stuff I want to do, others not so much.

I need to work out for at least an hour, maybe more :)
List stuff for sale on craigslist. We need some munnys. 
I want to take photos of all my clothes, jewelry, shoes etc, for my wardrobe app.
I need to write my bibliography paper, its due next week.
I need to finish my music video for my video production class. Also need 4 more lab hours.
I have to go to the cal works and get my paper work signed and see the counselor. 
I also want to update this blogs look, it really needs it.
Some things will have to wait till next week, some I have to do today.


Edit on Jan 16, 2013 : Got some done ... need to finish the rest.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Confusing Holiday.

We want to celebrate Christmas, with out the Christ. We are not religious so we feel awkward celebrating the holiday. We want to celebrate it as a family holiday. We keep going back and forth on how we should celebrate.
We want Santa in Little Bits life, but not how normal kids have it. I don't want her to think Santa will get her what she wants just for being good around the holidays. I also don't want her to be a spoiled brat like some of the kids out there. I want her to know that Chris Kringle started by giving gifts to orphans and the needy, not spoiled kids. So we will be giving a gift to the needy every year. She knows now, and hopefully forever, that if she is a good kid and person she will get things she needs, and maybe wants cause mommy likes to spoil her baby lol. So I keep going back and forth with if Santa is going to visit her or not, it's a hard choice.
One thing we did decide on was, we are decorating Nightmare before Christmas style. I am gonna start this year on making ordainment.

We are still not sure what to call the holiday.... I am really not comfortable calling it Christmas. The hard thing is explaining this to everyone around us :/

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Little Creepy Girl with a Little Creepy Face

I was obsessed with this song the first time I heard it. I still love it today.
Keri is so cute, she calls her style bubble goth. Its like a goth style with color .... I think its cute.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yeap, it's one of those kind of nights.

Just got home from class and mad me something yummy! Double hot chocolate with marshmallows and cake in a cup with sprinkles and cream cheese frosting.
Gonna snuggle up and watch some tv with Mister Man.

Out of my closet!

I cleaned out my closet last night. Got rid of anything I did not wear, that was not cute and that I just relized was ugly. Why did people not tell me these things before??? Here is a photo of my closet after.
Excuse the shoe mess at the top. Those are my next project!
I don't have much left. All that black in the front is cardigans and blazers. A small section of shirts, dresses and skirts. My jeans and t-shirts are in a drawer, but I did get rid of a lot of those too.

Now to buy nothing but beautiful clothes!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Find me a coat!

I am on the hunt for a jacket to beg for, for the holidays.
I want a nice coat that will last years. One that looks dressy and will fit over a puffy petticoat nicely.
Here is a few that I have found that I love. 

I love love love this coat, but I see it getting all dirty really fast. :Sad Face: (个_个)
I can not find were this coat is from, I found it on pinterest though.

Love this one too, but it seems the esty seller sold out, and there was only one.

I like this one, but I am not sure purple would go with everything. I found this at

I like this one too, but it looks like it would fit sloppily. I found it on I believe its by IronFist

This is cute too, but I am so flipin picky. I would change the buttons, since I am not a fan of gold, or maybe keep them not sure. It comes with attachable fur for the collar. I would probably change the fur for a leopard fur. 

I really want something that's black, warm, flares out at the waist and has double buttons.  
Is that so much to ask?  Apparently cause I cant find it. 


Wow I just walked on the treadmill while watching 3 episodes of American Horror Story; Asylum. 
I burned 450 calories, I walked at a slow pace. I got a bit light headed when I finished. Maybe next time I will only do 2 episodes and some stretching. I need to work on my stomach, but I am lazy and prefer to walk. AHS is getting good. The first few episodes had me worried, it was not going to be as good as the last season.

I need to catch up on 666 Park Avenue, I didn't care for the first 2 episodes, hope it gets better.
I also need to watch this season of Walking Dead, but me and Mister Man are supposed to watch it together, so I must wait on him. I am not only into horror, I just prefer it. I am watching some other shows too, maybe I will talk about them next time. Right now I need a shower! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I want to be glamours.

I officially am going to start changing my wardrobe over to a style I want to wear.  I am gonna call it glam vintage with a bit of geeky flare. It is going to take sometime to change it over totally. Luckily I have already started with out knowing it, it was meant to be. I want to start wearing heels more often, about six months before I got pregnant I was a bartender and stopped wearing heels cause they would get caught in the mats holes on the floor. Then I got pregnant and the rest is history... or present. lol 
First order of business, a dress for my dads wedding. I hate dressing for weddings, I never know what to wear. I also prefer to wear dark colors and I am not sure if that is inappropriate or not. 
Next I need a nice coat, to go over my stylish ensembles. Then since it is getting cold out, I need more stockings and leggings to wear under my dresses, which are next on the list. Dresses are going o be hard, I am on a tight budget and they tend to be expensive. I just need to be stricter about what I buy. I also need to go though all my jewelry and decide if I should keep or toss, and actually wear the pieces I keep. 
I am updating my pinterest with real inspiration for when I am shopping. You can follow it here if you like (pinterest). 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Little Incentive

I want to buy this in a large, which I know will be smaller than that. 
Then make my self lose the weight to wear this next summer!
Its cute, and I need some serious intensive. 

One of these would also be nice. I could watch my shows, movies and blog all while working out! 
We have a treadmill here at the house, just need to find away to get my computer on it or at least my iPad.
Right now in order to watch some of my shows I have to get on the treadmill. I say some because a few, Mr man and I, watch together, and that would be awkward lol.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All I can say is that the drugs don't work no more.

I love this song.
 The Vincent Black Shadow has an upbeat rockabilly type sound and her voice is gorge. 
I have still yet to see the movie this song was in. I believe it was Feast. I am downlading it now, cause I really want to see it. My favorite part in the video is at the end, it's from the movie. 
"I'm the guys that's gonna save your ass" Something reaches in the window and gets him. 
Bahahah! That's what happens to arrogant jerks lol. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time for a change.

I am so bored with my hair, it's time for a change. I want to dye it black with two white streaks in it. I also want to fix my bangs back to Betty bangs. I just need to figure out how to get my hair white with out damaging it to much. Here are some inspiration pics I have.

I love these two but I have bangs.

So I found these ones.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Looking for a Watson to my Holmes!

I am in need of a friend, or a few friends. Others have either become bad for me to be around, selfish dicks, or just busy with there own life's. I understand the busy ones, it happens to me too.
I need someone who has kids or understands that I have one and can not go out all the time. Need someone who will text at least once a day, just someone to talk to. Some one who will be there for me, as well I will be there for them. Someone non judgmental, but has their own opinion. Shot, you don't even need to live near me, but a get together for coffee or tea once in awhile would be nice.
One big one is someone like Watson, who will get my Holmes ass to socialize instead of coop myself up all the time.
You can apply with an application, but it's not necessary. hahaha. If you think you have what it takes, that's all I need lol.

Playing dress up.

This is how our wedding would look if I got my wish.
I want a dress just like that! Black, with a corset type top, and short in the front while long in the back. The purple hair would be a plus. And those shoes! We are going with the black, red, purple and sliver colors. The coffinish bed would fit also, since we are going with a Till Death theme. I can't wait, but we have to for money reasons. Also waiting for Halloween to fall on the right day. We might have it the weekend before Halloween so we can have our honey moon somewhere spooky, like New Orleans, I love that place.
I made this look in an app called DressUp trick or treat. I would make more, but they wanted money and it was not that impressive to be shelling out 1.99 for each scene. Here are the others I made, not as great as the first one .
Apparently a goth is making over a normal girl in this scene. I tried to make her look as good as I could. I kinda feel like a normal girl who should be made over by a goth.

Here are some witches. Mister man and I have been talking about getting an owl, a cute little white one.
I at one time called my self s witch, still have some of the habits, this is how I always felt I should have looked.

Angry Birds Star Wars!

I have been playing angry birds Star Wars on my iPad. It's a fun game, wish they would come out with the new level now. I am frustrated that I paid 2.99 for only 2 levels and for the Jedi training level I have to pay 1.99 more. I hope the next level they release they do not ask me to pay for.
I loved playing the Jedi, especially chewy and sticking the millennium falcon on the pigs. I do hope they come out with a reverse and let me play Vader! Come to the dark side kiddies... We have cookies, and cake and treats!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I want to eat my hair!

This shampoo makes me want to eat my hair! It's Oatmeal and Honey by Catwalk TIGI. I have to constantly tell my self it probably does not taste as good as it smells, while washing my hair. Also in the picture is my favorite body wash Sensual from Bath and Bodyworks. It's the only body wash I will spend good money on. The sent is jasmine and vanilla, it's lovely!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Bram Stoker!

Happy 165th Birthday Bram Stoker! I know your immortal and still alive, don't worry I will keep your secret safe. Thank you for writing such an amazing novel, Dracula. Then being the inspiration for such amazing movies! Thank you! 

Puppy Boy

This is my puppy boy, Chewy. 

Full name Chewbacca, but we call him Chewy for short.
We got him about 2 months ago from a friend of my future mother-in-law. They could not keep him since they had to move into a smaller place that does not allow pets. He looks like a yorkie, but his paper work says silky terrier,which to me is not much of a difference. His name was Kookie, but I could not call a boy kookie, it just seems wrong. So when we were cutting his hair (it was a mess) he would not let us touch his paws, it dawned on me, he looks alot like Chewbacca! I am such a nerd sometimes. He is very territorial and does not get along with the other male dog in the house. Chewy love my fiance more than me, but thats ok. Kris is such a kid when it comes to pets of any kind. Whenever I kiss Kris, Chewy will growl at me. When Kris gives the other pets attention he gets mad and tries to chew on there legs. His name fits him so well.

Here he is when we first got him, so shaggy.

 Chewy and Nano do not get along. 

So cute, took him for a drive to pick the little one up.

He got a hair cut! Now we can see his cute face.

 Posing for mommy, in his new sweater. Thanks to another blogger (Decayla) for posting about this sweater. I had to have it so I called all the walmarts near me to find it! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Her hair will shine like the sea!

Little bit got the cutest haircut Sunday. They have free hair cuts for kids at JcPenney this month. I would recommend you make an appointment, they get really busy because of this. I told little bit if she sat still while getting her haircut, she would get a prize. Either a toy or cupcake. She said cupcake, till I said we can make them, then she was all "toy, toy". I think she really wanted Nadia's cup cakes. They are so good. 

She sat still the whole time. I never seen a little one sit that still for that long!

Her goofy face after she was done.

It was hard to get a photo of, its an a-line bob, so you have to do a while 360 to see it.

She is such a supermodel, she wanted to sit here and pose for the photos. 

Yes its November and still warm in the afternoon here in Cali.

Today was picture day, so I will have her first school photos soon (^_^)