Friday, February 22, 2013

National Margirita Day!

So its national margarita day, the day to drink tequila and limon sour. While at the store looking for just cheep BJs margirita flavored wine coolers, I cam across watermelon margaritas! Oh, I an so happy I did too. It taste like jolly ranchers soaked in tequila. I have only had a little bit, but I plan on having more :)

Found gold!

Ok not gold but close.When I saw these I was like "finally white chocolate m&ms!".

I love white chocolate, and usually you can only get it with cookies in it. Which after a few bites becomes annoying. I just wish they were smaller, like regular m&ms. After a few I'm tired of them, white chocolate is only good in small doses. But then 5 minutes later I'm all "woohoo white chocolate!" You can only get these at Target, but why would you go anywhere else, pssh.
They do have a cute recipe on the back, for that rabbit holiday. I am going to try it with little bit. I'll post about it, don't worry.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thats Life

I know I have been gone ... Again. Well classes just started for spring semester. So when I'm bored, or needing to study, I will probably be blogging :). 

I'm taking 2 digital media classes, which means 48 hours in the lab. I'm also taking business 101. I was taking a sewing class but after the first day the teacher seemed to picky and the class was not going to be fun. So why waist my one elective on a stressful class.

My little ones birthday is coming up march 26, we are having her party on the weekend before, since the next weekend is that rabbit holiday. I will probably be posting a lot about her party. Its going to be so cute! A lalaloopsy carnival!
My birthday is march 1 but looks like I am not doing anything for that. :( Fiancé has a show at a lame place that night. So I'm probably staying home.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Got myself a vday gift... For mister man

I got these tights at DDs discounts for only 2.99. They are one size fits all, and I had a feeling they would not fit. I was so wrong. They are the most comfortable full tights I own. I am going to go back for a few more pairs I saw.
While there I also got a pair of shoes, but they put those stupid sensors on the heel so I could not see if they fit, got home and they were to small :/ I didn't see any bigger so more tights it is :)