Thursday, January 5, 2012

Potty training my 2 year old.

Potty training has been ........ frustrating. My booger, somehow that ended up being her nickname when she was born, but that's another story and its what I will be calling her on this blog. Anyways, we started a potty chart not long ago to track how good she is doing. When she goes potty she gets to put a sticker on her chart, and when she finishes a line of 13 she gets a prize. After figuring out that she could still go in her pull up and in the potty and get a sticker, mom uped it one more, now she must stay dry and use the potty to get a sticker. If she goes number two in the potty she gets 2 stickers. She has a hard time remembering she needs to go so I have my phone set to ding an alarm every 30 minutes to remind her to go.

Today has been pretty good, when she saw she only needed three more stickers to get a prize, she started to tell me when she needs to go. She did get here prize, happy meal toys or dollar store toys I stow away. Now she is working on her net prize ... but after 4 stickers she is getting discouraged.  I am thinking of making it shorter amount to her prize, but I know if she stays dry and uses the potty all day, she will probably get a prize a day. So far today she has gotten a total of 8 stickers and its only 2pm, she has been dry all day YIPPIE! She did have a number 2 accident, I am thinking she has not gotten control of that muscle yet, cause she will tell me right after it happens and waddles to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Ugg the potty training journey .... will it ever end ............

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeling eww ...

I need to start loosing wight and getting in shape now!

I want to go back to my prepreggo size which was a 7, I am
in a 16-14 now. I'm going to download and start power 90. I also will be doing roller derby practice 3 days a week starting soon. Going to go back to juicing at least once a day which will be dinner or an add on to my other meals. My doctor gave me a little tip "eat breakfast alone, lunch with friends, dinner with enemies" meaning eat a big breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner. It makes sense considering you need the most energy in the morning, from food, and less at night. It might also help with sleeping since I won't have all that pent up energy. The photo I posted here I have on my desktop, of my laptop, to help me out. So I am trying to follow it, drinking water instead of koolaid (which is always available in this house), no eating after 7 (hard one), avoiding preservatives and high salt content (need to anyways since my cholesterol is high). This is going to be a struggle, but I am going to do it! My reward for losing the weight, I am getting the Alice in wonderland sleeve I always wanted. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More to come

I know I have not posted like I said I would, insert sad face.

I have been obsessed with coupons lately, like mad obsessed... might need to see someone with all the money I save! The last few weeks I have been getting all my stuff together to join the local roller derby team starting up. I am also trying to get back into knitting things again, I want to learn how to knit in the round as soon as I find a leg warmer pattern with size 3 needles for my toddler. I have started a stitch n bitch group, still trying to find a meeting place.

I have decided to post about all 3 of my hobbies, and new ones to come. Also am going post about my life as a mama and future wife. Maybe some wedding things, maybe not. I have been saving all my wedding ideas on my pinterest account.

More to come .... hopefully