Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thats Life

I know I have been gone ... Again. Well classes just started for spring semester. So when I'm bored, or needing to study, I will probably be blogging :). 

I'm taking 2 digital media classes, which means 48 hours in the lab. I'm also taking business 101. I was taking a sewing class but after the first day the teacher seemed to picky and the class was not going to be fun. So why waist my one elective on a stressful class.

My little ones birthday is coming up march 26, we are having her party on the weekend before, since the next weekend is that rabbit holiday. I will probably be posting a lot about her party. Its going to be so cute! A lalaloopsy carnival!
My birthday is march 1 but looks like I am not doing anything for that. :( Fiancé has a show at a lame place that night. So I'm probably staying home.