Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monster Party

I am siting here with little bit while she drifts off to dream land. We are watching movies and relaxing. Yesterday we picked up a ton of DVDs and Halloween books from the library all "Halloween" movies. We kicked things off yesterday and watched Paranorman. I was also watching a friends kid so the little ones were having rest time while watching the movie. I really liked it, it had a good story. It freaked the little ones out some, but only for a second, after they calmed down they thought it was funny. They loved the zombies! Right now we are watching Mad Monster Party a movie from the 60's.
It's a cute movie, like a Halloween version of all the Christmas claymation movies. One thing I don't like is the monsters mate, she is annoying. I wish they would have done something more like the original bride. Other than that I loved Francesca, I wish I could cosplay that gold dress scene.
I also got the tv shows The (animated) Addams Family and the Munsters. I have been watching the original Addams Family tv show on you tube, but I think I might put it on hold next. Then I picked up Monster House, Hocus Pocus, and Mirror Mask. I have a few others on hold that will be in soon.
I'll post about the books I picked up tomorrow. After I have a chance to really look at them. I really love my library. Man I'm such a nerd :)