Friday, December 14, 2012

Where have I been??

I know I have been away, and you had this face the last few weeks.
Sorry I have been gone. I had finals week, still hoping I did good, I know I got a 90 in my digital media class. Then this week was my dad wedding, my sister came into town, my little one was a flower girl, it was just busy busy. 

But I'm back! In this house we are on vacay till Feb 5. It will be a long, crazy, boring, fun, annoying, exciting vacation. I hope to keep the little bit and mister man entertained this whole time. I bought crafts, got ipad games, set up the wii. We are going Tuesday to toddler story time and picking up books to read. I will probably post photos and all kinds of stuff as these months unfold. I feel the time till Christmas will be fast, but after that will go by so slowly I will be ripping my hair out lol.