Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I need to get stuff done!

So I need to do lots today :/ Mostly stuff I want to do, others not so much.

I need to work out for at least an hour, maybe more :)
List stuff for sale on craigslist. We need some munnys. 
I want to take photos of all my clothes, jewelry, shoes etc, for my wardrobe app.
I need to write my bibliography paper, its due next week.
I need to finish my music video for my video production class. Also need 4 more lab hours.
I have to go to the cal works and get my paper work signed and see the counselor. 
I also want to update this blogs look, it really needs it.
Some things will have to wait till next week, some I have to do today.


Edit on Jan 16, 2013 : Got some done ... need to finish the rest.