Friday, July 11, 2014

Freezer Meal Number One

This past Monday I made 4 different kinds of freezer meals. 7 meals in all, although they will probably stretch out to 14 meals. Its only me and Booger who eat dinner, since the hubs works till 9 and eats, salads that I make him, there. Anyways I plan on making a blog post about it all, after we taste them all. But I wanted to share the one we ate last night. Burrito pie!

I got the recipe from Thriving Home Blog. The only alteration I made was I used 4 tortillas per pan instead of 6 and one can of re-fried beans. I think my layers were thicker than hers. I am keeping this one in my recipe book and making more next time, it was so delicious. It does not say on this page how to freeze, all you do is make it all the way till when your supposed to bake it. Cover the pan (I used the disposable pans) with tin foil, let completely cool and place in freezer. When you want to cook, thaw in refrigerated overnight then cook at 350 for 20-30 minutes. I did 25 minutes, should have done the full 30, I heated my plate in the microwave, Booger was ok with it being a little cool.

In-fact she devoured it. I had issues getting a good picture of her eating it, she loved it. I would say freezer meal number one a success. I want to thank Thriving Home Blog for this awesome recipe we will be making again and again.
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