Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update, Life and Blog

I just updated my Google plus profile. I made a new cover image for it, so cute. You might also notice the blog has a new look too.
I am trying to go for a more visually appealing and readable look for the blog. Also have added a nice menu bar to the page, so you can find what your looking for more easily. Some of the links lead to nowhere, but will be set up soon. They are subjects I want to start writing about. I am not going to kid myself, I know that I am an on and off blogger. I am hoping for that to change. I want to start writing something weekly then hopefully daily. Like Monday Mayhem, life updates and randomness, etc. 

Life right now has gotten a little crazy. We moved into a new house (with the in-laws). Booger has her own room now, thank goodness. Soon she will have to share it with the Lil Bean. September 19 is almost here.

She is so excited to be having a baby sister. I kept up hope that the baby would be a boy, but the ultrasound tech said its a girl. My only issue is she didn't show me. With Booger I knew she was a girl, I could plainly see it on the ultrasound. I can't wait till the next ultrasound, maybe I will get some proof. If Lil Bean is a girl we have it much easier, we won't have to buy a ton of new stuff. I kept pretty much all of Boogers baby things. We just need a few items. If it is a boy... dun dun dun, we need everything. Booger here loved pink and everyone loved getting her pink.

Well I am off to update this blog more and hang out with my Booger.