Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Christmas Fairy

I have been debating over getting an elf on a shelf and starting a new tradition in our family. Even though we are not christian we still celebrate Christmas as a family holiday, more like Yule (with out the rituals). Just a day to spend time showing each other we love each other. Anyways back to what I was saying, I have been thinking about getting the elf on a shelf and desided it's not in the budget this year. That thing cost $30! I went looking online for a little inspiration to do my own. Then I got to thinking, the Christmas movie we watch about Santa every year, has no elves... it has fairies and nymphs. We watch the movie we watch is The Life and Adventure of Santa Claus . They have two versions one clay and the other cartoon, we prefer the claymation one. The only movie we watch with elves is The Return of the Gardians, and those elves are goofs lol.
The other day when I went to pick up a barbie house, shelf that looks like a house, and other barbie items , I found on Craig's list for only 100. We are turning the house into a monster high house, photos later when we are done. In with all the stuff was this fairy. I just had to transform her and turned her into our Christmas Fairy!

I am planing on making a note to go with her and explain, who she is and not to touch her. Although I do know that she probly will be touched, I found an awesome idea on pintrest about emergency elf dust, well now fairy dust (^_^). I am not going to me moving her to much, like all the elves do, she is mostly just going to sit and watch the little one to make sure she is behaving. Maybe she will move a little (^_-) .
Here is her process, she was orange and gold. I used nail polish and painted her mint green and silver. Then I made her a tutu dress with a little snow flake belt. I made the tutu like a normal one, except I cut the tule in half length wise and added an angle on the tips to make it more fairy like.