Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is almost here! Its my favorite holiday. I get to dress up, dress up my little one, and they are finally selling house decor I like. This halloween is going to be busy, just like the last, and the one before that, and the one before that.  Did I mention I love halloween? 
My fiance and brother's band (Shades of Grey) is going to be playing two shows this weekend. The one friday night we are all going as Batman characters. I originally wanted to be Batgirl, Oracle or Poison Ivy, but the man wanted to be Joker so I am going as Harley Quinn. We are not going as the originals or the movie versions, we usually put a twist on our characters for halloween. So we are going as the escaped mental patient versions of Joker and Harley. I did quite a bit to get this costume all together. I should post photos of everything...... 

(10 minutes later) 

My inflatable hammer, I painted pow on the side to give it a comic book type look. 
I bought the hammer on, I believe its an inflatable clown hammer.

These are my boots and fishnets. I painted one boot red, which was a PITA, then painted on the diamonds to both of them. The fishnets were also a pain, they would not take dye, so I had to paint them also. I used fabric paint on all. I am just hoping they do not itch all night.I do love how the boots came out, and might wear them with my Harley shirt for fun.

 This is the Straitjacket "dress". Its a top and skirt, stupid ebay.  It was 10x way to big for me, I am not a skinny girl, but I am not a 3x. I had to size it way down. There was a hole in the middle o show your cleavage  which I liked in the photos, just not when I get it on. So I sewed up the front, you can't really tell with the belt thing in the way. I also painted Arkham Asylum on the back, just so everyone knows were I escaped from. 

This is a tank that I made out of two tanks the checker pattern is also on the back. 
I might wear this under the jacket, I am still unsure.

 Here is my lovely blond goldish wig I got off ebay from Hong Kong. Its a pigtail wig, with clip on extrax hair. Its for an anime character Elizabeth from Black Butler, I am not familiar with this anime, but love her hair. Also made the mask out of a one dollar mask I got on, I just cut the outside frame of it off and then cut the eye holes in a sort of cat eye feminine look, I did not want to look like Zoro lol.

 I will have photos of me all done up, along with everyone else.
More about my other costume in the next post.