Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy. Had to take the little one to get shots Friday. Before we left for the Dr. office, she ran back in the house screaming, "I need my zombie!". (Kris got her a zombie doll from "the claw" at walmart.) When we got there she was totally brave, even after seeing other kids cry. She kept asking for them to call her name, it was so cute. Everything was good, till they did the TB test. She freaked, I don't blame her, I hate that shot. 

Here she is with her zombie.

After we got home, I started getting ready for the Halloween show Kris band was playing. 
We dressed as Joker and Harley Quinn escaped from Arkham Asylum

Creepy Smile! 

The next day we went to my brother Josh's house, in Ventura, for his mom's birthday. (fyi he is not my blood brother) Ate some good burgers, and german chocolate cake, it was so nommy that I could not finish it. Then the boys had another show, we got our makeup done by Kristi. I was lazy and was not feeling well to do my own makeup. Next time I will try it myself, I really wanna do my whole face.

Of course the pic he took of himself is black and white. I don't know why he does that.

Yesterday we were going to go to the Creepy Cruise, but I just really wanted to stay home. So the little one and I made cookies. Oh my the frosting I made was delish! I will post the recipe later.

Little one excited about making cookies and her favorite apron.