Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mockingbird Lane

I was not as disappointed with Mockingbird Lane as I thought I would be. I actually liked it. I ignored that it was not just like the original and enjoyed watching it. I wish they would continue with it. They have the full episode on hulu. Watch it and tell me what you think. 

Love how they introduce Herman with this.

My favorite part is when spiders make Lily a dress.
Its gorgeous!

Best quotes of the show; 
Herman Munster "You ate a lion while naked" 
Grandpa "The lion was naked, it seemed polite."

Grandpa "Stop playing with your food"
Eddie "I will if you will"
Marilyn "Is that happening tonight?"

They were so sweet. 

I really hope NBC gets there heads out there butts and continue with this show.