Tuesday, August 20, 2013

72 days!


Planning a wedding is nuts! I have finally picked out and bought my wedding dress and shoes. I am so glad that part is over! It was the most stressful part of this whole thing. I would show them off on here but I want them to be surprises, to the few who have not seen them. I already got my shoes in, they are a little taller than I thought they would be so I have to work on walking in them. Ever since I had little bit, heels have been my demise. The dress I am still waiting on, should be here by September. I know I am pushing it with the timing but hopefully it comes out okay. 

We have finally decided how we want to decorate. The reception/party is going to be at my dads house, so we have somewhat free range on looks. I'm not going to get to crazy, since we can't afford it, but I'm going to be thrift shopping and crafting non stop. I am currently working on the invites, only people invited to the ceremony are getting one, cause they are expensive. Everyone else is getting a Facebook invite to the party after :). We want the ceremony to be in the woods somewhere, but can't figure out where. So we are still deciding on that. 

I am scraping dollars and selling tons of my old stuff and saving money to help pay for everything. I am hoping the pricier things we like go on sale soon and don't sell out. I grabbed this guy, see photo, for about $12 at Micheal's. I love him, he can count down to our anniversary every year! For Xmas I'm gonna dress him up with a Santa hat and a cardboard "x-mas" sign over the Halloween. He will fit in perfect with our Nightmare Christmas decor. 

I have a lot of projects to do for the wedding. I will post photos of the invites after I have sent them out.