Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Smooth face.

My face feels amazing! I did an all natural organic facial today. The only thing I didn't do was tone and moisturize, I usually don't unless I am really dried out.
I used coconut oil for a cleanser, rubbing it in using the massage method I learned in school. After this step you can steam, to open your pores, over a pot of hot water with herbs. I don't do this because I have burst capillaries around my face, and heat makes them worse. Then I used a honey, almond, and sugar scrub. It really got a lot of crap out of my pores. Then I used plain yogurt mask all over my face. While I sat with the mask I had warm lavander and camomile tea bags on my face. After I made tea with them :) 

With my face doused in yogurt and my eyes covered with tea bags I desiced to soaked my feet. They were all dried out from flip flop wearing weather. I used warm water with a tea bag (lavender and camomile) and some milk. It felt so good to just relax. After I washed the mask off my face I scrubbed my feet. I used a coconut and sugar scrub and rubbed the crap out of my cracking feet. I am going to do this again soon as my feet are not as soft as I want.