Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today's experiments.

So today I tried the cold coffee brew and the sugar cubes I made yesterday. They both were pretty easy to make, but both had to sit over night. First sugar cubes.
These are just, sugar with a bit of water, put them in the mold and let them harden over night. They where hard to get out the mold, and the bottom of it didn't harden. But they did turn out useful. I probably won't make them in a mold, unless having a tea party. I did make some today in cube shape, and will post about them tomorrow.
Here is the clod brew coffee with milk and a cute sugar cube. This brew was a bit strong for me. I am hoping to perfect it in the future. For now I will add more milk and sugar :)

Here was the process;

Get a jar of water and mix in coffee. 
I used a little over 1/2 cup coffee with one quart water. Let it sit over night.

The next day filter the grounds out, I used a filter over a strainer. 
I did have to use a few filters. 
This is a long process take your time and only pour in a little at a time.

I cleaned out the jar and reused it.
Place in the fridge and get it all chilly.

Pour some into a glass.
Mix with sugar and milk or cream, and drink up. Yum!