Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My little one is so cute.

While I was fixing dinner today my little bit ran into the kitchen to tell me; "Mom I have to get married". I choked back and said "What? You have a long while before that happens." She is only 4 so she has a very long while. She proceeded to tell me "I love you guys, but I have to get married." I giggled a little and decided to play along with her saying "Who is this you are going to marry?" She huffed a little and said "I don't know, but it has to be soon, I will pick tomorrow." I died laughing at this, she is so cute and as we call her Loca.
This is her and her latest main squeeze, a friend of mines youngest. She loves the older men. She was actually talking to me about all of this after looking at the photos of them on my phone. She is looking over my shoulder right now telling me of him playing the drums and her dancing at the BBQ, the place the photos were taken. I think I am not going to have to get a shot gun as much as a lock on her door :)