Thursday, November 1, 2012


So Halloween was last night. I wish I could have posted this blog sooner, but I was dead tired. 
If you have not noticed I am a huge halloween person.

We started the morning with pumpkin funfetti pancakes.

All dressed up in halloweeny gear for her pumpkin party at school. They could not wear costumes so i got her a skeleton shirt and pumpkin necklace, along with this cute pumpkin bag to hold her lunch.

 I even made her a pumpkin shaped pb&j, threw in a pumpkin cookie we made the other day, and some  frankenberry cereal. She barley ate any of it since they ate so much during the party.

Boil bubble toil and trouble! I made pumpkin soup for lunch. 

Along with bone shaped croissants. 

It turned out good, it just tasted more like it should be a sauce than a soup. 

Little bit went as Batgirl. She was so freakin cute!

 Mister man went as joker again, wearing my pants lol.

Batgirl beating up the joker! 

 Zombie baby! Already for bed after the crazy day.

Ended my night with some wine, snacks and horror movies! Yes I drink my wine with ice, I like it cold and we just bought it :)