Sunday, November 25, 2012

Confusing Holiday.

We want to celebrate Christmas, with out the Christ. We are not religious so we feel awkward celebrating the holiday. We want to celebrate it as a family holiday. We keep going back and forth on how we should celebrate.
We want Santa in Little Bits life, but not how normal kids have it. I don't want her to think Santa will get her what she wants just for being good around the holidays. I also don't want her to be a spoiled brat like some of the kids out there. I want her to know that Chris Kringle started by giving gifts to orphans and the needy, not spoiled kids. So we will be giving a gift to the needy every year. She knows now, and hopefully forever, that if she is a good kid and person she will get things she needs, and maybe wants cause mommy likes to spoil her baby lol. So I keep going back and forth with if Santa is going to visit her or not, it's a hard choice.
One thing we did decide on was, we are decorating Nightmare before Christmas style. I am gonna start this year on making ordainment.

We are still not sure what to call the holiday.... I am really not comfortable calling it Christmas. The hard thing is explaining this to everyone around us :/