Saturday, November 17, 2012

I want to be glamours.

I officially am going to start changing my wardrobe over to a style I want to wear.  I am gonna call it glam vintage with a bit of geeky flare. It is going to take sometime to change it over totally. Luckily I have already started with out knowing it, it was meant to be. I want to start wearing heels more often, about six months before I got pregnant I was a bartender and stopped wearing heels cause they would get caught in the mats holes on the floor. Then I got pregnant and the rest is history... or present. lol 
First order of business, a dress for my dads wedding. I hate dressing for weddings, I never know what to wear. I also prefer to wear dark colors and I am not sure if that is inappropriate or not. 
Next I need a nice coat, to go over my stylish ensembles. Then since it is getting cold out, I need more stockings and leggings to wear under my dresses, which are next on the list. Dresses are going o be hard, I am on a tight budget and they tend to be expensive. I just need to be stricter about what I buy. I also need to go though all my jewelry and decide if I should keep or toss, and actually wear the pieces I keep. 
I am updating my pinterest with real inspiration for when I am shopping. You can follow it here if you like (pinterest).