Thursday, November 8, 2012

Puppy Boy

This is my puppy boy, Chewy. 

Full name Chewbacca, but we call him Chewy for short.
We got him about 2 months ago from a friend of my future mother-in-law. They could not keep him since they had to move into a smaller place that does not allow pets. He looks like a yorkie, but his paper work says silky terrier,which to me is not much of a difference. His name was Kookie, but I could not call a boy kookie, it just seems wrong. So when we were cutting his hair (it was a mess) he would not let us touch his paws, it dawned on me, he looks alot like Chewbacca! I am such a nerd sometimes. He is very territorial and does not get along with the other male dog in the house. Chewy love my fiance more than me, but thats ok. Kris is such a kid when it comes to pets of any kind. Whenever I kiss Kris, Chewy will growl at me. When Kris gives the other pets attention he gets mad and tries to chew on there legs. His name fits him so well.

Here he is when we first got him, so shaggy.

 Chewy and Nano do not get along. 

So cute, took him for a drive to pick the little one up.

He got a hair cut! Now we can see his cute face.

 Posing for mommy, in his new sweater. Thanks to another blogger (Decayla) for posting about this sweater. I had to have it so I called all the walmarts near me to find it!