Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Her hair will shine like the sea!

Little bit got the cutest haircut Sunday. They have free hair cuts for kids at JcPenney this month. I would recommend you make an appointment, they get really busy because of this. I told little bit if she sat still while getting her haircut, she would get a prize. Either a toy or cupcake. She said cupcake, till I said we can make them, then she was all "toy, toy". I think she really wanted Nadia's cup cakes. They are so good. 

She sat still the whole time. I never seen a little one sit that still for that long!

Her goofy face after she was done.

It was hard to get a photo of, its an a-line bob, so you have to do a while 360 to see it.

She is such a supermodel, she wanted to sit here and pose for the photos. 

Yes its November and still warm in the afternoon here in Cali.

Today was picture day, so I will have her first school photos soon (^_^)