Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing dress up.

This is how our wedding would look if I got my wish.
I want a dress just like that! Black, with a corset type top, and short in the front while long in the back. The purple hair would be a plus. And those shoes! We are going with the black, red, purple and sliver colors. The coffinish bed would fit also, since we are going with a Till Death theme. I can't wait, but we have to for money reasons. Also waiting for Halloween to fall on the right day. We might have it the weekend before Halloween so we can have our honey moon somewhere spooky, like New Orleans, I love that place.
I made this look in an app called DressUp trick or treat. I would make more, but they wanted money and it was not that impressive to be shelling out 1.99 for each scene. Here are the others I made, not as great as the first one .
Apparently a goth is making over a normal girl in this scene. I tried to make her look as good as I could. I kinda feel like a normal girl who should be made over by a goth.

Here are some witches. Mister man and I have been talking about getting an owl, a cute little white one.
I at one time called my self s witch, still have some of the habits, this is how I always felt I should have looked.