Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Discount Haul!

I love halloween, as you can tell from my past few posts. After halloween is over I like to score all the halloween stuff on discount. Here is my haul. I know I am bragging, but oh well I got cool stuff, be jealous!

 I got this scratch and reveal Frankenstein's Monster for $.50. I got it for the little bit.

She was not that into it, so I was bored and did the whole thing while catching up on some of my tv shows.

I grabbed these they were 50% off. I have always wanted crackle polish. The first one, the pink crackles and the other one the black crackles. I was hoping both black crackled, but oh well guess now I get more variety. I like the white with black (which is on my toes and I don't think you want to see that) the pink and black is ok. Next time I might do pink and white.

I got this Merlotte's shirt for 50% off. I love true blood, its so cheesy and funny.

Scooped up these cookie cutters, cause I needed more right. I also got a bone shaped cookie pan, but forgot to take a photo of it.

Some baking kits. Brownie spooky houses, mummy cupcakes and a cookie haunted house.
Can't wait to start the bake fest!!

Also got some stick on shadow with bats. 2 pairs of lashes, one pink and the other mirrors and stars with glow in the dark paint on the tips. Along with some stick on eyeliner. I have been wanting to try out the liners so we will see. I will post photos of them when i do try them.

  Table toppers, a pink bat and a orange pumpkin. I will use the pumpkin next year, unless I get some fall flowers then I might put it on the table with it.

The pink bat I am using to hold some of my favourite jewelry pieces. So that I remember I have them and to wear them more often.

Cute halloween mini bucket. Its holding all the candy that the little one can't take in her school lunches. Mostly chocolate and lollipops.    

Cardboard coffin, not sure what to do with it right now. I am hoping to use it as a cardholder at our wedding.

Scored these black glitter cosies for $.50

Half of on this cute frame holding an older photo of my and the mister.

I am not sure if I showed you all my skull before, paid full price for him. Kinda want to turn him into something more than a tea candle holder. Almost wish he would hold my phone at night or something.

Also grabbed another black pumpkin and a cute little sliver one. Maybe I will post photos of those later. We just cleaned out the room, cause I went on a purge everything we don't need streak, and forgot to take photos of some stuff.